Why you shouldn't try to use yahoo answers for your homework

The internet knows everything! Right? Well, it does, but it can only give you answers that are frequently searched, and that match your search criteria. Also, any question that you ask can get answers that were provided by completely anonymous people who may not know very much about your subject at all. That’s why using a service like Yahoo answers is a pretty bad idea!


Yahoo answers is, to all meaningful degrees, anonymous, as in, there is no way for you to check whether or not a person answering a question is who he or she says she is, and no way for you to check whether they have any knowledge at all of your subject. So, you could end up simply using a lot of misinformation in your homework, which is not what you want.

Homework Is Not About Answers

Your tutor sets you homework for a number of reasons: to see how your knowledge of the subject is progressing, to teach you how to study alone and to manage your own time and resources, and to keep the class moving in the right direction, as in, to make sure that the class learns at the same pace to get them ready for exams.

If you are cheating or looking for answers on yahoo, then your tutor will have no way of telling how you are progressing, and will not know how to guide your study.

If you do not learn how to study alone and to research answers in an appropriate way, i.e. via books and articles, then you will not be ready for any further study, like college, which is almost entirely personal study based.

Also, if you search for answers without working out why they are correct, then you will fall behind the rest of the class. Once this happens, you will be unable to contribute in class discussion, and unable to complete your homework without help. This is not going to be easy to hide!

So, although it might be tempting to go to Yahoo answers for homework, just have a careful think about the possible consequences on your work. Instead, try to figure the answers on your own.