What Happens Should Homework Be Banned at School

The debates about the usefulness of homework are still topical. Some people think that it’s just a waste of time, while others claim that homework reveals kids’ knowledge and understandings of a subject while developing their responsibilities. Here are some reasons of why home assignments should be banned:

  1. Too much pressure.
  2. Studying is a tedious process. That’s why the first thing students need after school is some rest that can refresh and clear their minds of tasks, problems, formulas, etc. It is needed for them to effectively do further work on the next day. Having the duties to do homework every night doesn’t help relax students’ minds or bodies. Having no rest is exhausting and definitely leads to stress. Besides, homework sometimes keeps kids up too late at night, and that is harmful as well.

  3. Lack of time to exercise.
  4. Students have motionless lifestyles. They sit at their desks at schools and need to sit more when they come home. They just have no time for exercises because they do homework every day of the week, and sometimes even on weekends. If some of them find time to play sports, they end uppaying less attention to their home assignments and even rush through them. This can lead to bad grades because of careless mistakes.

  5. Cheating.
  6. It’s not surprising that too much homework leads to cheating. Instead of working all through the night, students just copy from their classmates or ask their parents to do their homework in order to finish all their assignments quickly. They do not try to understand their subjects, and this may lead to various bad consequences.

  7. Lack of family time.
  8. Spending enough time with their parents is essential for growing kids, especially if they want to avoid social problems. Unfortunately, homework takes up all the free time and students have no possibilities to communicate with their family members, especially when homework has to be done on the weekends.

  9. Homework is often a meaningless process.
  10. Sometimes, home assignments are just a waste of time because they simply revise the material they have learned at school. Instead of having children analyze and conduct interesting research, traditional homework requires them to sit at the desk and solve the same problems over and over again.

  11. Bad influence on the relationships of parents and kids.
  12. There are some teachers that say homework causes distress among primary school students. Sometimes, kids even refuse to do their home assignments. It can even cause conflicts between parents and kids, which are harmful to their relations.