Where to get help with accounting homework online for free

Accounting is one of the academic fields that is most often considered boring. To those who enjoy it deeply, nothing could be further from the truth. Accounting is not just counting money for big corporations, it’s the study of order and balance. If you’re doing accounting, hopefully it’s a little interesting to you at least. Even if it’s not and you’re beginning to struggle, here are some places you can look online for a bit of help.

People you go to class with

Keeping in touch with people you go to class with is extremely important. If even you never need help with homework, being able to call, text or otherwise contact someone in the class when you miss notes can save you a whole lot of grief. If you receive an assignment and it makes no sense to you during class-time, give yourself a few relaxed hours at home to think it over. Then, if you still can’t understand, see who’s online from your class and send a quick message about your dilemma.

Your lecturer/teacher

Not everyone has the benefit of a teacher/lecturer who is willing to be accessible to their students at all times. Some won’t even give contact information within set hours. If you can send messages to your educator over social media, use that privilege to inquire about how the accounting homework assigned is meant to be completed. They may be able to quickly explain it and dispel your confusion or may send you a link that proves invaluable. If it’s an option, you should try it out and see.


Known as Massive Online Open Courseware, these courses can serve as your additional tutoring service at absolutely no charge. Find a MOOC that relates closely to your accounting course and just sign up. With several providers available, and even some in other languages, you’re certain to find an accounting MOOC that clarifies some of the concepts for you and makes homework simpler.

Free tutorials

If a MOOC is too time consuming, search online for mini tutorials that cover just a single subtopic that may be stopping you from completing your accounting homework.

There are many other ways of getting the help you need in this field, both online and off so don’t get discouraged if you’re off to a rocky start.