The Academic Benefits Of Homework: What The Experts Have To Say

Homework is an inevitable part of education. However, opinions differ when it comes to the advantages and efficiency of home assignments. While both points of view deserve attention, there are some tips for making any homework effective and successful for students and teachers:

  • Concentrate on quality.
  • The aim of any type of home task should be clear for both teachers and students. Moreover, in order to make any work purposeful, teachers should follow some recommendations:

  • Reduce the amount of homework to a specific limit.
  • Lay stress on analysis instead of length.
  • Use a few exercises with different approaches in math problems.
  • Ask to conduct research on different ideas and approaches instead of finding a proper solution to a problem.
  • Make it effective for each student.
  • Any task must not only address the academic needs of students but correspond to their level of knowledge and skills. In order to ensure that any out-of-class assignment brings positive results, they should be checked individually and regularly by a teacher.

  • Try alternative ways of teaching.
  • Flipped classrooms may be a solution if a teacher has little time to work individually with each student on the results of their research. While new lecture material is analyzed at home, a teacher can check on the results or discuss any problems with children in the classroom. In addition, the flipped classrooms are rather flexible as any type of work can be used – working in pairs, small groups or individually.

Furthermore, efficiency of homework can also be achieved through adoption of various new strategies in the process of teaching:

  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Regular revision and repetition of previous material help improve student’s skills and consolidate acquired knowledge.

  • Getting information out.
  • By challenging students with different retrieval practices, for instance, role-playing tasks, long-term results can be achieved as students become more motivated and concentrated on the successful completion of their homework.

  • Drawing attention.
  • In order to ensure that students stay focused, teachers should change their strategies by introducing new methods of material presentation (highlighting, schemes, different fonts, etc.) or new types of tasks. To make the process more engaging, homework should be a challenge, where students can apply different skills to find a solution or find deliberate mistakes in tasks.

  • Raising motivation.
  • If students are fully aware of the aim and usefulness of any task, it will not only make them more interested in its completion, but will also make them highly motivated. Thus, understanding benefits and importance of the results of work will make it efficient.