Simple ideas on how to make homework fun

Homework can be boring or even torturous depending on how much of it you have and how hard it is to do. Thankfully, with a simple change in perspective, it can also be exciting, challenging and intellectually stimulating. The following methods can help you make that switch in your thinking.

Don’t do it alone

Any activity can become more interesting as more people get involved. Think of a dance-floor. It can be pretty intimidating when no one else is on it but when it’s full, everyone wants to be there. Invite people to work on homework assignments with you. You won’t need to share answers but you can bounce ideas off each other and brainstorm new ways to find solutions. It is very important that these homework sessions don’t end up being purely social. Too much fun at the expense of academics will make you have to go it alone again.

Play music while you work

Have you ever wondered why people play music while they do aerobics or most types of exercise? It helps to get you in the zone or achieve a state of “flow” where you’re so immersed in the activity that it hardly seems like work anymore. Pick something that doesn’t distract you with its lyrics and don’t play it too loud. If you appreciate classical music, this would be the ideal genre but others can work as well.

Make up a game

Gamification is big business nowadays because games allow people to learn faster and for longer periods of time than traditional methods. You don’t need to be a skilled programmer to come up with a game that relates to what you’re trying to accomplish. It can be something simple with that involves flashcard or points to the person who finishes first if you’re doing the assignment with your study group.

Reward yourself when it’s over

If you get accustomed to doing something you enjoy right after you do your homework, the homework itself starts to seem more fun.

Any of these ticks can be used to your advantage to help motivate you when you don’t want to do your assignments.