How Much Should I Pay Someone To Do My Homework

Most of the students have a limited budget. Of course, your parents give you money every month or so, but you need to spend them carefully. You still need a new pair of shoes next week, and maybe to see a movie, so you can’t spend everything on your homework. You checked the fares, but each writer has his own requirements, and you don’t know if any of them is worth the fare. Follow these clues to figure out how much you should pay.

  • How long your homework is? Now, if it’s something short, like two pages of content, it shouldn’t cost much. Remember that most writers get paid for the number of words they write, so you can apply this rule. He will not write more than you want, and you will not have to pay for unnecessary content. On the other hand, if what you need is a complicated research paper, at least ten pages long, you should be ready to pay much more.
  • How difficult it is? If you are still in high school, your homework is generally pretty easy. But if you are in college, your courses are tricky even for a specialist. You can not expect someone to solve a few difficult physics problems for only a few bucks. Think how much time and effort this would take, and establish the price. The good thing is that the price is usually negotiable, so you can discuss clearly with the person that you will hire.
  • How experienced the writer is? Sure enough, a beginner will not be paid as much as a professional, because he will not deliver the same quality. You need to consider this before hiring anyone. Look at his portfolio, at his feedback, and don’t take the risk. It’s better to pay a few dollars more, than to go to school with a bad homework.
  • How fast do you need it? If you waited until the last moment, and the deadline is in two days, it will cost you more. This means that the writer needs to work some extra hours to write your content, beside the projects he is already working on.
  • Do you want to hire him on long term? If you want a single homework, the fare is standard. If you want someone to make your work for the next weeks, you can negotiate and get a good offer.