Cutting corners when there is too much homework in high school:

What should you do now and what can you wait and do later:

 Sometimes you will have a lot of homework while in high school and other times you will have little to no homework while in high school. This all depends on what you are learning in your classes, how much you got don during class time or not, and if you are a part of any extracurricular activities or not. Homework can cause stress on students and can even confuse students because things may begin to merge together when going from topic to topic to read and complete homework questions.

Ways to get homework done faster:

  • Instead of reading every word on every page, read the titles and subtitles, read the captions under the pictures, read the definitions and look at timelines
  •  Make notes or outlines as you read so you do not have to go back
  •  Write shorthanded, for example, a chemical may change asap, or, as soon as possible
  • Have note cards and or stay organized and maybe even color code your notes
  •  Work with others

Even though there are plenty of different ways in which you can properly cut corners when it comes to having too much homework in high school it does not mean that skipping these steps is worth it in the long run or at all. Some situations you could skip stuff and think you crammed what you needed to know but by not actually reading the material in the textbook you miss a lot of important details that are crucial to the homework and to tests and more. It is one thing to put a homework assignment off as long as you will come back and do it but it is another thing if you just ignore the homework assignment as a whole. You need to understand what you are being taught so you can pass the class, get good grades and move on. The better you do in school then the better you will do in College and then the better you will do in life later on. When we are young we are told that we are just preparing for our futures and we really don’t think anything of it but reality is that everything we go through when we are young and everything that we learn in school is what prepares us for our futures and is what makes us who we are. Knowledge is everything and cutting corners on a homework assignment in high school does not get us anywhere that is good.