Doing Social Studies Homework: How to Learn Faster

Social studies homework can be a fun to do. History, sociology, or business – all these subjects deal with the world around us and they, just like the world, are broad enough for everyone to find an aspect to their liking. Develop a passion for social studies, and you will be learning them at lightning speed!

Make Time Fly

  • Pick a great topic to explore.
  • If you are allowed a choice, use it! Write about the historical period you are passionate about. For a sociology assignment, you may write about your favorite sports.

  • Use your imagination.
  • Think of what it would be like to take part in a historical event you have to write about. What would you see there? What would you tell your friends when you come back? For a business assignment, pretend it is an actual plan for the company you own. Such mind games will help you develop a stronger motivation to do your homework well and fast.

  • Look through news articles.
  • This is a great way to pick interesting sociological topics. An article about a natural disaster may inspire you to write about the problems of people who lost their homes to an earthquake, and an article on celebrities – about the causes and effects of their “idolization” for these popular people and the society in general.

Cut Your Time

  • Make most of your time in the classroom.
  • Listen to your teacher attentively. Try to imagine the things, events, or personalities he or she is talking about. Take notes, maybe in a funny way that helps you memorize the information. If you clearly understand the material your homework will be based on, it will save you lots of time reading your textbook and trying to grasp it on your own at home.

  • Skim through textbooks.
  • All answers to social studies questions can be found in your book. You may not even need to read the whole section – look for the fragments that specifically address your question. For electronic textbooks, use the built-in search by keywords.

  • Organize your learning process.
  • Most of the time you think you spend doing homework may actually be wasted as you get distracted. Do not open Facebook or Twitter or check messages on your phone until you are done. Allow yourself short breaks but set a timer to prevent them from lasting longer than you really need. Bring snacks and a glass of water to your desk beforehand so you will not have to interrupt your work to get them.