What types of homework help can I get from online free tutor?

Many parents want their children to do well in school so that they can be useful people in the community. As such, they go ahead to hire good quality tutors to teach the children subjects which they have a difficulty in. However, some parents have a difficulty hiring a good tutor. Follow these rules to get a good tutor:

Have a goal for the tuition

When hiring a tutor, you need to have a specific objective or goal that you want to achieve. You need to answer the following questions. What stage of help is needed? What are the key areas that need to be attended to? Is it motivation or general skills? Does the tuition involve basic homework or intensive study?

Understand the options

It is essential to get the best tutor for your child. As such, you should do a lot of research. One of the most recommended ways is to ask the child’s school on recommended tutorials. Numerous schools have a list of recommended tutors. You can also get the recommendations from the internet, libraries and from generic centers. Another important way is to ask your neighbors and friends for recommendations.


You should never get a tutor without considering the financial factor. Different tutors charge different amount of money for their lessons. As a parent, you want to get maximum value from the employees you use. You should ask them if they require money at the start of each session or whether they want money after offering the service. In that line, also inquire about the policies on ending the contract. This is in case the child doesn’t get along with the tutor. Some require a 24 hour notice while others don’t bother about all that.

Verify the options

Once you have identified a number of potential tutors, it is very important for you to have a close look at them. Remember that some tutors are not qualified at all. Some have even forged their documents. Therefore, you should have a close look at the documents of the tutor and verify them as genuine or not. Some of the main details you should look at are: education background, personality and experience level. You want to have someone with an awesome personality as well as excellent education standards. To ensure that the tutor is good, have him teach the child while you are there. You can also ask the kid whether the tutor is good or not.

Have a good partnership

It is important for you to create a partnership with the tutor. Take your time to watch how the tutor relates with the child. If the tutor is not comfortable to teach when you are present, you can have a video recording and review it later.