Does Homework Help You Learn - A Professional Point Of View

There are many differing views about whether homework helps students learn. From a professional point of view; the answer is yes. There are many reasons why lessons can be helpful to children and young adults of all ages in any level of learning.

  • Homework increases retention of newly acquired skills. When a student learns something new, it may not be completely understood. If the student goes home and can repeat some tasks related to the skill, they may be able to reinforce the skill and make it become more solid in their minds.

  • Sometimes skills are not quite clear at school. Once the child is home, in a relaxed environment, things may become a little clearer. Students may also elicit the help of an adult who may be able to explain the unclear subject matter more clearly and help the student understand.

  • Repetition has always been known to help perfect a skill. If new skills are repeated at home, absorbing material may occur more easily and be retained longer.

  • If homework is given at a younger age, students can begin to develop good study habits for later in their school career. As you approach college level, coursework is going to be a necessity and the good habits you acquire in early life will be a lifesaver.

  • Lessons train you to learn independently. This is extremely important as you go into college and enter life in general. People are not going to give you all the answers you need to navigate through life. You will need to know how to find out information on your own and homework is a good way to begin to learn.

  • Lessons that need to be completed at night also teach responsibility. We all have to learn that it is necessary to do things we may not want to do.

  • Children begin to realize that you can absorb new things in many other places besides school.

  • Homework also keeps parents aware of what children are doing in school and can keep lines of communication open.
  • Homework assignments are meant to teach far more than what is on the paper that is taken home. Both parents and children should realize that there is a lot more going on when a lesson is assigned that will benefit the child for a lot longer than the chapter they are currently working with.