Pros and Cons of Utilizing an English Homework Helper

English is a tough subject to handle for more reasons than one:

  • Getting the English grammar wrong can lead to a whole new meaning of a very innocent sentence
  • English may not be your first language
  • Understanding English literature is also difficult and you may require assistance

All these are valid reasons why English can get difficult even from the very beginning. An English homework helper is basically a person (either virtual or in real-life) who is willing and able to help you with your English homework. Their job is to take you to the end and show you how they got there. But sometimes, these people are not the best way to learn English. This article discusses the pros and cons of having an English helper.


There are of course advantages to having an English helper:

  • Your homework will be completed and it will be done to the satisfaction of your teacher or lecturer
  • You will pass your course (probably with flying colours) and you will begin to (hopefully) see the beauty of the English language
  • You will begin to appreciate the effort it takes in understanding literature and probably give more time to the English subject
  • If you are weak at English, a homework helper is a brilliant way to begin a recovery and work your way up into the ranks of the best English students in your class


Not everything is rainbows and flowers in the world of English homework helpers. The disadvantages of getting a homework helper are:

  • Your purse strings will loosen and your pockets will feel lighter (probably much lighter) than before. It costs quite a lot to get an English homework helper simply because the demand is very high
  • Even after hiring a homework helper, there is a high chance you will not learn anything from them and end up in the same place but with better grades
  • You will end up using your homework helper instead of learning from him and you will get used to this

In conclusion, a homework helper can be good or it can be bad. What I would recommend you to do personally is to try it out yourself first before you approach your parents to hire someone to help you. You will be surprised how much you can do just by yourself. This will save your parents a lot of money and you will feel more comfortable with the subject itself.